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Artiest: casual Songtekst: we got it like that

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Once upon John thinking on this MC's just don't know That the best will never contest my flow Hieroglyphics the fly bros rip shit for ya And watch you stumble as I kicks it I blow ya, away Like a sailboat, you fail quote some of my shit to try and get props But no, they got butt flow What bro Can handle the pressure from my gut blow I appear as a foundation, laced in your face That there will be no replacin So trace your tracks or face the mack 'cause I got your girlfriend and ain't no takin her back Word I got it like that, so if you strike back Steal, or don't say shit I play with brains Your thought train is often hijacked and rearranged We became the fly macks It's like that, 'cause we got it like that (8X) What a little way to express the anger Ya done pressed the stranger, danger Might change a wrong to right Yet a song I write will shed new light as you fight And fuss with us so we must discuss Busting your brain right open And you strain I'm hoping Enquiring minds turn out dope men, but the potion Was not potent enough to fade the master yet Since you have no kryptonite, I get to rip the mic I flip like side be



, hit a comp wield and tear apart we'll be-havin babboon They'll be cravin the tunes Sooner than the Sun Times on a new day But who they, I got a bobby pin, so I can rob you men And be driver, of how I come, with my gum slander, and demand a man to think 'cause I can stop and wait, while others contemplate the theories and when they hear these the fear beez tremendous, but I won't amend this, endless time is spent to rhyme, when I'm lit Get a creative urge, then I sit And muster clusters of creation we placed in your face when I bust you It's like that, 'cause we got it like that (16X)