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Artiest: diddy Songtekst: i’ll do this for you

Je bekijkt nu de songtekst en vertaling: diddy - i’ll do this for you ? Hieronder vindt je de songtekst met vertaling naast elkaar weergegeven! Benieuwd naar het liedje en de betekenis van i’ll do this for you? Bekijk de Nederlandse vertaling. Op onze website vindt je veel meer songteksten met vertalingen van diddy! Bekijk ons archief en de andere songteksten, klik bijvoorbeeld op de letter d van diddy en zie welke nummers wij nog meer van a in ons archief hebben staan zoals i’ll do this for you .


[Puffy] (Mase) |Kelly| Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c'mon) Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c'mon) We up now |Baby, I like it| Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh c'mon) (Uh uh c'mon) |I like it babe| (Uh uh c'mon) (C'mon c'mon c'mon) They're back [Puffy] Yo, now nobody party like we party You wouldn't know 'till you cats see me party I hardly sip bacardi So your clique think a nigga to pretty to sip a mixed drink (uh uh) But chicks think when they see I be a V.I.P. D-I-double D-Y Be the cat that kick back, bring all the stars out Same cat you know bring all the cars out (yep yep) All our street cats buy all the bars out (yep yep) Don't know whatch'all 'bout but I'm livin' it up Ten mill' yeah, I'm bigger than what So you know on the low when I blow, niggas givin' it up (they got to) They know why everything I touch is so fly Mult-I so I stay swimmin' in cho-chi All day the niggas from New York to Norway My name hold more weight than Broadway 1 -



[Kelly Price]