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Artiest: ice cube Songtekst: true to the game

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. It's the nigga ya love to hate with a new song. So what really goes on. Nothing but a come-up, but ain't that a bitch. They hate to see a young nigga rich. But I refuse to switch even though. Cause I can't move to the snow. Cause soon as y'all get some dough. Ya wanna put a white bitch on your elbow. Moving out your neighborhood. But I walk through the ghetto and the flavor's good. Little kids jumping on me. But you, you wanna be white and corny. Living way out. "Nigger go home" spray-painted on your house. Trying to be White or a Jew. But ask yourself, who are they to be equal to?. Get the hell out. Stop being an Uncle Tom, you little sell-out. House nigga scum. Give something back to the place where you made it from. Before you end up broke. Fuck around and get your ghetto pass revoked. I ain't saying no names, you know who you are. You little punk, be true to the game. BREAK. . When you first start rhyming. It started off slow and then you start climbing. But it wasn't fast enough I guess. So you gave your other style a test. You was hardcore hip-hop. Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped. Giving our music away to the mainstream. Don't you know they ain't down with the team. They just sent they boss over. Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over. On MTV but they don't care. They'll have a new nigga next year. You out in the cold. No more white fans and no more soul. And you might have a heart attack. When you find out the black folks don't want you back. And you know what's worse?. You was just like the nigga in the first verse. Stop selling out your race. And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face. Niggas always gotta show they teeth. Now I'm a be brief. Be true to the game. BREAK. . A message to the oreo cookie. Find a mirror and take a look, G. Do you like what you see?. But you're quick to point the finger at me. You wanna be the big fish, you little guppy. Black man can't be no yuppie. You put on your suit and tie and your big clothes. You don't associate with the Negroes. You wanna be just like Jack. But Jack is calling you a nigga behind your back. So back off genius. I don't need you to correct my broken English. You know that's right. You ain't white. So stop holding your ass tight. Cause you can't pass. So why you keep trying to pass?. With your black ass. Mister Big. But in reality, you're shorter than a midge. You only got yourself to blame. Get a grip, oreo and be true to the game. .



. Wanneer je voor het eerst begint te rijmen. Het begon langzaam en dan begon je te klimmen. Maar het was niet snel genoeg, denk ik. Dus je gaf je andere stijl een test. Je was hardcore hip-hop. Nu kijk je naar jezelf, jongen, je flipflopte. Je geeft onze muziek weg aan de mainstream. Weet je niet dat ze het niet eens zijn met het team. Ze hebben net hun baas gestuurd. Stopte een microfoontje in je oor en nu ben je overgestoken. Op MTV, maar het kan ze niet schelen. Volgend jaar hebben ze een nieuwe nigga. Jij in de kou. Geen blanke fans en geen ziel meer. En je zou een hartaanval kunnen krijgen. Als je erachter komt dat de zwarten je niet meer terug willen. En weet je wat nog erger is ? Je was net als de neger in het eerste couplet. Stop met het verraden van je ras. En haal die stomme lach van je gezicht. Negers moeten altijd hun tanden laten zien. Nu ben ik een kort. Wees trouw aan het spel. BREAK.