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Artiest: Joe Jackson Songtekst: Fast Forward

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I'm heading fast forward, Seems like we got kinda stuck Time to get out of the town, and try to Set the controls for some time I feel the future where people will be happy Instead of getting dumber and getting scared of all the times Scared of their own shadows And scared to take a fall Either miserable with millions, Or dying for a dime Desperate to live forever Or lucky to live at all And if I could see myself from some other planet Would I be shaking my head sadly? Or would I be laughing to saying That's always been the same But anyway, I'm going back to the age of gold To the age of sin Fast forward till I understand the age I'm in And it's always the old guys bitching about the young guys Growing bears, or turning into sixty's or something We're tryina hold back time as if that isn't weird Meanwhile the young guys are waiting for respect When all they want is cool, Cool common collective, just as if isn't strange Or they wanna blow the whistle, ring the bell and change the rules When the game goes on forever It's just the uniforms that change If this is the best of times or if it's the worst There's some difference of opinion now That everyone is genius but no one has any friends Or is it the other way around? I'm going back to the age of gold To the age of sin Fast forward till I understand the age I'm in Sometimes I look at the moon And I think I know just how she feels