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Artiest: phora Songtekst: stay true

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[Pre-Hook] Where the fuck were you when the teams feeling low? No money in our pockets, ain't nobody at our show Where the fuck were you when they all shot us down? Us against the world you was no where to be found Where the fuck were you dawg? Where the fuck were you? Where the fuck were you man? Where the fuck were you Now they show us love when we step up in this place Like fuck em if they hating middle finger to your face! [Hook] Middle finger to your face Middle finger to your face aye Middle finger to your face Now you want something from us but we can't do nun for you so long (My nigga so long, so long, so long, my nigga so long) [Post-Hook] Can't catch up cause we gone haha! yeah we gone! Yall slept on these motherfuckas for too fucking long Now they show us respect but its way overdue Through all this shit we stayed true but where the fuck were you? Where the fuck were you? [Bridge] This is for anyone who's ever been told they couldn’t Anyone who's ever been told they never would The choice isn’t up to them, it's up to you [Verse 1] It was all I ever had, to them it was nothin but a dream Felt like my voice was never heard Felt like my work was never seen Felt like my skill was overlooked Felt like my heart was meant to break Felt like my plan was meant to fail and my whole damn life was a mistake But I kept on pushing till I broke Got my ass back up and tried again Then I lost my sanity and hope Right before I lost all my friends And I felt my time was coming close Shit, I ain't had nothing left But I never gave up on myself keep going till my very last breath And no matter how hard I tried to show'em they would never understand See I'm working on myself dawg, I'm trying to better who I am See I had a vision no one else could see and ain't nobody else believe Put my blood, sweat, my tears in this Now everybody want a piece But I'm like fuck that, fuck that Hold up nigga fuck that